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 GUARANTEED Results or your money back for only $97 $7

And check it out...
it works for other busy moms too!

"Everything has been so easy I cannot stress that enough. All the grocery lists & meal planning is done. Doesn't get much easier than that."

"What's surprised me most is how easy it is to prepare and affordable it is. Seriously, someone has done all the work for me."

"I'm loving the meals. I am just so happy to be able to introduce all these new recipes to my family that not only taste good but are good for us."

"I must say, all the meals are so good! My kids will come up and steal my food all the time. I highly recommend it."

"The plan is not extreme but I'm personally getting extreme results. I've lost 12.5 pounds & 4 inches around my waist alone!"

"Still getting the taste of pizza, chili, and tacos...That's what's going to make this an easy lifestyle change!"

I Know You're Very Busy & It's Difficult To Find Motivation...
Believe me I know :) 

I work with crazy busy moms just like you every single day.

Moms who thought they would never have even a minute to themselves...

Moms who just want to get in a quick & great workout, to eat healthy, and to start to look & feel confident in their own skin again. 
Between the kids, the running around, work, the shopping, the spouse, the laundry... it all seems endless, right?

And where does that leave any time for you? 

How can you possibly stay motivated to FINALLY drop that extra 10, 15, even 25+ pounds if you can't even get a single second to yourself?

Well, that's EXACTLY why I created the "28-Day Hot Mommy Challenge" - just for you!

Now with this fast & easy 3 phase toning system, you can lose the weight, get that confident & healthy look you want PLUS feel & look better than you have in YEARS! 
It's time for you to be *YOU* again!

Sound good?

Ok awesome! 

Just wait till you see how the busy moms I have been working with are getting quick, simple, & lasting results in just 28 days...
I've Done ALL The "Heavy Lifting" For You!
"I have abdominal separation... That's what I love about this program. They don't make you feel weak or inadequate. You can modify!"
"I have abdominal separation... That's what I love about this program. They don't make you feel weak or inadequate. You can modify!"
"So I weighed myself and I've already lost 7 pounds total. My hair seems smoother & a lot softer and my hairless stopped. I was able to put on a pair of jeans I hadn't worn in 3 years."
"So I weighed myself and I've already lost 7 pounds total. My hair seems smoother & a lot softer and my hairless stopped. I was able to put on a pair of jeans I hadn't worn in 3 years."
"I have diabetes that runs in my family. I need to lower my weight. Since starting I am already down 7 pounds."
"I have diabetes that runs in my family. I need to lower my weight. Since starting I am already down 7 pounds."
  • Time & Money Saving Grocery Lists With Food You Can Find At Walmart, Aldi, Or ANYWHERE Else You Like To Shop...
  • Meal Replacement Options So Even The Pickiest of Eaters Can Tailor This Plan To Fit Their Likes & Dislikes...
  • Healthy Snack Options Incase You Get Hungry In-Between Meals & Need A Quick Energy Boost that won't pack on the pounds...
  • ​Easy To Make Healthy Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner The Whole Family Will LOVE...
  • How To Cook The Meals So They Taste Delicious Even If You're Horrible In The Kitchen...
  • Know EXACTLY What To Eat & When To Eat It So You Can Lose Weight & Burn Fat Throughout The Entire Day...
But wait...there's more!
Just Follow This Simple 3 Phase TONING System...
Do My 7-Day 'Hot Mommy' Ultra Detox
Do My 7-Day 'Hot Mommy' Ultra Detox
You'll jumpstart your metabolism & your 28-day transformation with this  completely 'done-for-you' 7-Day 'Ultra' Detox Solution!

Clients have dropped 4, 5, 7, even 8+ pounds on just this 7 day detox ALONE but that's not all it does...

This Hot Mommy 'Ultra' Detox uses a simple list of liver-supporting, anti-inflammatory super foods with all the healthy carbs, fats, proteins and nutrients your body will ever need to detoxify your body, eliminate bloating & inflammation, boost energy levels and get rid of embarrassing belly bloat...

A detailed, step-by-step guide to jump start your metabolism without having to eat boring meals that taste like cardboard or drink nasty & chalky shakes that no one can stick...

Perfect for the 'on-the-go' busy mom who does not have the time to try and figure this all out on her own and who wants fast-n-easy results that'll SKYROCKET their energy & motivation!
Check out a few recent PHASE 1 client results...
Follow My Simple, Healthy, & Delicious 'Hot Mommy' Meal Plans
Who says healthy eating has to be confusing or tasteless?

These meals can be prepped in just minutes, are easy to make, and will prove to you that healthy eating can be delicious as well as nutritious! Oh, and even the kids will love them!

You can find all the ingredients at your local Walmart, Aldi, or anywhere else you like to shop making the 28-Day Hot Mommy Challenge Meal Plans convenient and affordable...

Get detailed 'done-for-you' grocery lists, meal replacement guides, and vegetarian options for EVERY meal so that literally ANYONE can start eating healthy and make these easy & tasty recipes fit their busy lifestyle perfectly!
Do 3-4 of My 'Hot Mommy' Afterburn Workouts Each Week
Each one of my workouts lasts only 15-30 minutes which means they are fast, effective, and will fit the busiest of mom schedules!

These movements are scientifically proven to help you burn more fat & tone your body faster all in the convenience of your own home...

They come with a 'done-for-you' Fitness Tracker Guide so you can stay motivated and progress through each workout no matter what your current age, weight, or fitness level is. 

Beginner through advanced modifications and no equipment need!
What Makes This Program So Different?
I know what you are thinking right now...

"What makes this Hot Mommy Challenge different then all of the other fitness "noise" that is showing up in my social media news feeds and inbox?"

And frankly, that is a great question to be asking...

Bottom line is that we are the only program that will offer you *GUARANTEED* results or your money back. 

Not to mention a fun and supportive environment that will help ease some of the "nerves" of trying something new.

But if you want a true comparison of why we are different and why our programs work so well, check the chart below...
Typical Online Program or Local Gym
Not tailored specifically for busy professional moms...
Overpriced programs and/or personal training ...
No support system for accountability & motivation...
WON’T give you your money back if you aren’t happy...
Extra charges for Meal Plans and Nutritionists...
Rent equipment in the hopes that you will get results...
Overcrowded & intimidating atmosphere...
Have to pay extra every time you attend a fitness class...
Cost less than a trip to Starbucks and has the power to completely & quickly transform your body, confidence, and health for good!
Guaranteed Results or get you get your money back PLUS we'll let you keep the entire 28-day plan and toning bonuses for free...
Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced exercise modifications as needed so you can do everything safely, at your own pace, and ability...
Full Accountability so you don’t get off track...
100% Support so you don’t have to go it alone...
On demand 'follow-along' video workouts making it easier to make time to workout...
Weekly Body Assessments to track your progress and keep you motivated...
Weekly LIVE Fitness/Lifestyle Coaching so that you can build long-term habits that will keep you fit, toned, and healthy...
'Done-For You' Meal Plans, Recipes, & Grocery Lists That Take Out All The Guesswork For Even Better Results...
Fun & Supportive Environment so you can feel motivated and inspired to get the results you want...
Get Treated Like Family!
Hi I'm Kate Harney, I'm the creator of The 28-Day Hot Mommy Challenge, and the founder of EmpoweredByKate which has transformed the bodies of over 74,000+ busy moms from all of the world!

And most importantly, I too am a busy mom just like you with 3 little ones while running my own company so I know how difficult it can be to find the time and the balance that we all strive for...
That's why my team and I have been running weight loss programs & challenges responsible for helping moms, just like you, safely lose 1,000's of pounds of ugly belly fat in just the last year alone and EMPOWERED them to be the role model in their families that they were always meant to be.

Basically, I have dedicated myself to helping moms just like you achieve the body, and the health that they have always dreamed of no matter how many times they've tried and failed in the past.
(Me after having 3 kids)
And I want you to be next! 

You DESERVE to be next!

In fact, as you can see in the pictures below, my clients are pretty darn happy with their results. 

And what they're even happier about is how quickly they lost the weight.
Just Take A Look At Some of Our Recent Transformations...
Now, if you are actually reading this part of the page, I am going to assume that you are a mom or have a mom that you love ;)

If you are a mom then you know that everyone else's needs come before yours...

That is the code that every mother lives by - Family first, then if time permits and you are lucky, you can maybe do something for yourself...

Am I right?

I totally understand and respect this, but I feel it's about time someone took care of YOU for a change! 

So that is why I have decided to launch a 28-Day Hot Mommy Challenge...

The way it works is simple...
Complete 3-4 of our high energy 15-minute to 30-minute 'follow-along' Hot Mommy workouts per week for 28 consecutive days
Follow our simple, healthy, and results proven Hot Mommy meal plans that make healthy eating enjoyable
Track and log your results until the end of the program
Then at the end of the program we will look at everyone's results and the mom with the best results will win a...
Now I know, you still might be a little skeptical... I know I would be if I were you.
You're probably wondering if this will actually work for you and you are probably a little nervous or scared to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

I want you to know something... 

I am here for you, my coaches are here for you and most importantly, all of our incredible clients are here for you - we are an Empowered family.

As a matter of fact, many of our clients below had that same skepticism and doubt in their heads when they started their transformations. 

But just look at the results they achieved with the support of our programs...

And rather than just show you some more amazing before and afters pictures (we have plenty), I'd rather you hear it directly from our clients...
What Is All Included?
  The 7-Day 'Hot Mommy' Ultra Detox: Get a simple list of liver-supporting, anti-inflammatory super foods to detoxify your body, eliminate inflammation, boost energy levels & motivation and get rid of embarrassing belly bloat
  28 Days of Fat Burning Meal Plans that will make healthy eating simple and delicious no matter how picky of an eater you are. Even your kids will LOVE these meals!
  28 Days of 'Follow Along' Tightening & Toning Workouts with beginner, intermediate, & advanced 15-30 minute workout times to choose from each week, it's now easy to make the time for your workouts no matter what your fitness level is.
  Grocery Shopping Lists that will save you time and money in the store while helping you thin down.
  Fitness Assessments & Tracker Guide that will track your strength levels throughout this challenge - after all, strong is the new sexy ;)
  Group Nutrition, Fitness, & Mindset Coaching Calls with Kate Harney so that we can make sure we are addressing all of your individual nutrition needs on a "tailor fit" basis.
  Unlimited Motivation & Accountability from the Empowered By Kate Family that will help keep you on track to make this program a success. 
  Plus MUCH more! Keep reading...
Check Out Some of The AMAZING Results!
Guided Fitness + Custom Nutrition + Supportive Community = Guaranteed Results
Ok, So What Does It Cost?
Well that's really the best part!

Normally, if you were to work with me for 28 Days you would be paying around the range of $197/per week to get amazing results- and people have paid this on numerous occasions and been fine with it because of the results they got in such a short period of time and kept it off...

However, since this is our annual Hot Mommy Challenge and we are set on getting you into fantastic shape BEFORE SUMMER so that you can impress your family and friends, we are going to give you a special deal...

You can claim your spot in our 28 Day Hot Mommy Challenge right now for just one EZ Payments of $97 $7 (Save $90)

I mean much is that 10-20 pounds of fat off of your body worth to you? 

How much is walking into work and having everyone in the office compliment the way you look worth to you?

Probably more than $0.25 cents/day right? 

Then, what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose but body fat ;)

It only takes 3 days a week for 15-30 mins to get in incredible shape and drop some unwanted pounds before summer hits... thats the same amount you spend binge watching Netflix! 

Theres no need to hesitate, claim your spot in our challenge today, and get the body you deserve.

And if you don't get any results from our program - YOU DON'T PAY A DIME!

That's right...The BEST part is that this program comes with a 100% risk free 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. 

If you are unhappy for any reason at the end of this program, we will issue you a full refund...No Hassle...No Hard Feelings.

That is how confident I am that you will absolutely LOVE the Hot Mommy Challenge :)
But wait! There's more... 

When you lock in your spot before {{MMM}} {{D}}, {{YYYY}} you'll also receive these...
BRAND NEW Tightening & Toning Bonuses To Accelerate Your Results...


The 'Done-For-You' Fitness Tracker Guide  ($67 Value)

Need help sticking to a fitness plan & staying on track?

Get consistent with your exercising!

Get our 'done-for-you' fitness tracker guide so you can accelerate your results, stay motivated, and on track with your weight loss and exercise results.


The #1 'Simple-n-Easy' Power Foods List ($67 Value)

Want the simplest and easiest way to sustain weight loss?

This ONE sheet is jam packed with the very best protein, carb, and fat foods you'll EVER need to lose weight & keep it off for good! 

I like to tell my clients, if you went on vacation or were starting from scratch & could bring just ONE food list with you... THIS IS IT!

Vegetarian Power Food List included!


My Private 'Hot Mommy' Support & Accountability Group ($97 Value)

Do you lack motivation or accountability?

Get 24/7 motivation, accountability, and support so you succeed NO MATTER WHAT this time! 

This is a very private group where you can feel free to ask any and all questions related to your Hot Mommy Challenge and where you'll find other inspirational moms embarking on this journey right along with you!


LIVE Q & A Weight Loss Tips & Tricks Group Coaching Calls With Kate ($197 Value)

Want to stay up to date on all the latest and proven weight loss trends & secrets?

Get LIVE group coaching calls with Kate and all her Hot Mommy Challenge clients where you can ask a question related to the program or any other weight loss concerns you may have.

In these LIVE coaching calls Kate will cover EVERYTHING like: What are the best supplements for weight loss, How to eat out and go on vacation without gaining weight, How to stay motivated and on track, How to avoid holiday weight gain, How to have balance and make this a lifestyle, and SO much more!

Start Your Makeover Today!
BUT... Offer Closes In Only......

Now Only One EZ Payment of $97 $7

Save $90   |   92% Off
 Join The 28 Day Hot Mommy Challenge Today And Lose That Stubborn Fat Before Summer Passes You By!
Start Your Makeover Today!
BUT... Offer Closes In Only......

Now Only One EZ Payment of $97 $7

Save $90   |   92% Off
So since it’s only one EZ payment of $97 $7... I’m guessing it’s going to fill up FAST because I’m sending emails out to thousands of women on my email list and on Facebook.

So Here's What You Need To Do Now...

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Once you fill out your info and click the green "complete my order" button at the bottom of the page, you are officially part of the upcoming Hot Mommy Challenge and a toned, healthier, and happier body.

I can't wait to see you in our private group! :)

Committed to your success,
Kate "Ignite Your Fire" Harney
Certified Nutritionist, Trainer, & Functional Aging Expert
Founder of EmpoweredByKate and Creator of The 28-Day Hot Mommy Challenge
Start Your Makeover Today!
BUT... Offer Closes In Only......

Now Only One EZ Payment of $97 $7

Save $90   |   92% Off
Come join our EMPOWERED Hot Mommy Challenge family!
Start Your Makeover Today!
BUT... Offer Closes In Only......

Now Only One EZ Payment of $97 $7

Save $90   |   92% Off
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